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Vision, Mission and Values

Aravindam India works to benefit underprivileged communities, through Indian Heritage, Education and Entrepreneurial skills.

Aravindam India believe in everyone’s unique potential and that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and grow into future leaders and thinkers driving social change.

Vision and Mission

The Vision of Aravindam India is to build a creative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible community.

We accomplish this by creating inspiring learning spaces that help in the discovery of individual passions and talents.

Aravindam education programs aim at promoting innovative and creative learning methods complementing formal syllabus, equipping beneficiaries with Heritage skills coupled with modern technology, to prepare for a bright sustainable future.

Aravindam is Sanskrit for Lotus, the flower that rises above muddy waters, in a refreshing bloom. This is what we aspire for.
Let many Little Aravindams bloom.


Holding on to what we hold dear

  • Honesty, Integrity and Commitment – No matter how tough it gets, we stay focussed on the objectives
  • Creativity and Innovation – Developing space to create, experiment, learn, act and overcome challenges
  • Social Entrepreneurship – Whatever we do, must deliver the highest value to the society, solve social issues and be sustainable
  • Performance Excellence – We focus on continuous improvement
  • Friendly and Joyful Environment – Our work places are places to enjoy work and working together

They crave to fly, show them the sky.

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