About Prakriti

Prakriti, Sanskrit for ‘Nature’, is a series of ongoing environment focused projects conducted locally to develop a sense of responsibility, awareness, and exposure to the beauty of being in harmony with the universe.

Current projects:


Gaia Project 2016

Gaia is the Holy Cow and Mother Earth. Gaia is about life in the lap of nature with Gau Mata as the symbol of the all-providing mother.

The present buildings are based on brick, mortar, wood, steel, glass, laminates. In the process of engineering the components, the construction and the maintenance including weather control, these inflict huge boot prints on the environment.

Prakriti (Aravindam) and Natural Villages have embarked on their first joint project for Cob Building in village Pachgaon, Manesar near Gurgaon, India to design and build a prototype, an effective fusion of Cob technology with the needs of modern living.

Support this project by donating and getting involved. Invest in your future home base to come, stay free of cost with an opportunity to work in community social projects in the village and as a jump off for other locations in the sub continent.

INA Veterans Memorial Projects 2010

Develop a community forest and push to have it declared a conservation zone. Reclaim degraded forests and make them vibrant spaces for birds and wildlife.

We are amongst several others that have taken note. Join this race against time, to save what we can before all is lost. With support we will revive 300 acres of Aravalli biosphere. To soak up greenhouse gasses from NH 8 and the KMP expressway near Delhi. To generate oxygen. To regenerate habitat for the vanishing butterflies, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Over 3000 planted in Village Pachgaon in the community forest named after the INA Veterans from 2011 to 2015.


Kamdhenudham Gaushala Project 2009, Carterpuri and Choma

Over 1200 trees planted in the Gaushalas (cow shelters) in Carterpuri and Choma villages in Gurgaon from 2009 to 2011. The Gaushala gardens and greenery have been created over toxic waste dump. Today we enjoy seeing the smiles of the kids. The entire community of Palam Vihar is directly benefited, having green and beautiful places away from traffic and dust, to get inspired, to enjoy, to play and to grow.


How are we learning

  • Increasing awareness and exposure to healthy surroundings positively stimulating body and mind, by engaging communities and participating in plantation projects
  • Sensitisation of the local population and the workers to the possibility of comfortable modern existence in the durability and quality of cob construction
  • Conducting workshops and training for community, Architecture students and graduates

Prakriti Location

Address: Kamdhenudham Gaushala, Carterpuri, near Spanish Court, Krishna chowk, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.

Address: Dharamsala, Opp, Sarpanch House on Amity University Connecting Road, Pachgaon, Manesar.

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