About Haat Make

Haatmake is a girl’s skill development center providing workshops and promoting self-sustainability for community women.

Haatmake is a social non-profit venture of Aravindam Foundation started in January 2015. It aims at creating a supportive environment that facilitates development of women’s technical, artistic and entrepreneurship skills.

Who is it for?

It is for needy women and girls, presently of the Carterpuri and Pachgaon villages. They are often migrants from Bihar and UP settled in nearby slums, looking for a better life for their families. Many are girls and women of the local villages, willing but deprived of education by social custom.


Participation in the learning programs brings not only joy, but helps the women build a strong support system for their families.

Aravindam Foundation helps in spreading awareness and involving village communities and engaging them in its programs to help them become earning and independent members of their families.


Haatmake provides equipment, space and free of cost training. With help of like-minded organizations, more women of the community can join the training.

The long-term goal is to generate employability among women where discrepancies have arisen between education opportunities and employability.

Workshops provided: Certified Stitching trainings, Arts and Crafts trainings, Parlour trainings, Spices making training


Visit us, get engaged, share your skills and knowledge. Help us reach out and promote the initiative!

Haatmake Location

Address: Kamdhenudham Gaushala, Carterpuri, near Spanish Court, Krishna chowk, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.

Address: Dharamsala, Opp, Sarpanch House on Amity University Connecting Road, Pachgaon, Manesar.

(Timing subject to change, contact for confirmation)

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