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For Volunteers and Donors

Enjoy educational and social entrepreneurship opportunities and the beauty of giving and sharing while developing your personal and professional potential.

  • Tell us about your interest and the skills you want to share
  • Volunteer in the project and field of work of your interest
  • Get entrepreneurial and gain managerial experience to prepare yourselves for a leadership role
  • Be part of social start ups to get hands on experience of a social entrepreneur
  • By getting involved you have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of management experiences while benefitting the community

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Read more about how you can contribute in various programs and projects:

Get involved with Gurukul Kalpataru

Bringing joy back to learning.


  • Contribute to enhancing education experience
  • Introduce innovative learning solutions
  • Facilitate Intercultural exchange programs
  • Facilitate Child Career Counselling and Drop-outs reach out Programs
  • Celebrate birthdays of your children with the Gurukul children
  • Celebrate events and festivals with kids to keep traditions alive
  • Be a social entrepreneur and help us expand Gurukul Kalpataru in other locations

Donate towards stationary, food and clothes, enhancing infrastructure like computers and education related components

Read more about Gurukul Kalpataru >

Get involved with Haatmake

Craft stronger communities.


  • Teach and train the women on hand made products towards women empowerment
  • Provide vocational/technical training/ industry-specific training
  • Reach out to the community to help more people get benefited from the learning
  • Be a social entrepreneur and help more women sell their products

Donate towards stitching machines and practice textiles.

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They crave to fly, show them the sky.

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