MCG, Gurugram

Our flagship center is situated within the MCG Gaushalas in Gurugram. The Aravindam India plans, operates, promotes and manages the India Heritage Learning Program enshrined in the objectives of the establishment of MCG Gaushalas.The MCG headed by the then MCG Commissioner Shri Rajesh Khullar, very enthusiastically supported and promoted the vision of Aravindam India in developing the Gaushalas as a beacon for reinvigorating the grand ancient cultures of Motherland India, while providing a massive opportunity of growth for the under-privilidged girls and children living in the slums around the gaushalas.

The successive MCG Commissioners and Officials have continued this tradition of support by providing all assistance in every way possible. The Gurukul Kalpataru Aravindam has become a center of pride for the MCG and a showcase project for civic agencies and governments across the country to follow and replicate.