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About Edu Club

Edu Club is a student’s space to learn creative and social entrepreneurship skills through participation in recognized training programs, workshops and voluntary engagements.

Learning in Schools and Universities is life’s beautiful gift, but having the opportunity to test and implement theoretical knowledge on the ground in real life scenarios is more fun and effective. Edu Club makes ‘Social’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ fashionable amongst students by helping them to find entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Social Entrepreneurship Trainings

Management Internships

Creative Workshops

Edu Club offers creative workshops, sessions, and volunteering opportunities for schools and individual Indian and foreign university students.

Social Entrepreneurship Trainings for Edu Club Volunteers

Registered students have the opportunity to volunteer and participate in setting up EduClub chapters in their Universities. Students gain a professional management and social entrepreneurship experience in the process. Educlub offers recognized training, preparation and guidance for the Annual Hult Prize Foundation Event. Read more…

Management Internships for students

Projects involve various aspects of management and education, giving platform for testing,experimenting, and producing an outcome that benefits the beneficiaries as well as the students. Internships are project based, and may evolve into long-term commitments.

Students are provided with support, guidance and feedback that enable them to plan and execute. Their voluntary engagement on the ground is enriched by educational workshops enhancing their learning and experience. Read more about how to get involved and how to apply.

Creative Workshops for children

Students in the age of 6 – 15 can enroll in dance, theater, music, and other arts and crafts activities designed and organized during winter and summer school breaks by professional teachers and trainers. Playing, learning and working together in the green open spaces of the Kamdhenudham Gaushala, interacting with children of diverse backgrounds is an unforgettable and enriching experience. Read more and send an inquiry.

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