About Aravindam Agro

The Aravindam Agro program has been initiated in July 2022 with the twin objectives of supporting the sustainability and replication of Aravindam India Gurukuls and enhancing rural income.

The Vision

The vision is to train the Aravindam India learners and rural youth in advanced, sustainable, chemical free farming, to improve rural economy and health. The revenue generated from the farming and allied processes, will fund the Aravindam India education and heritage learning model.

The Mission

To replicate the Aravindam India model to reach many more children with Heritage and skills trainings while ensuring sustainability (Atmanirbharta) for the gurukuls along with enhancing rural income.

Who is it for….?

The Aravindam Agro is for farmers and their children.
Aravindam Agro helps them come out of poverty into a realm of abundance, knowledge and skills.

Join “Aravindam Agro”, Help us to help more.

Aravindam Agro Contact

Address: 828, Sector-15, Part II, Gurugram, Haryana – 122001.

Program coordinator – Chanchala Shukla

WhatsApp: +91 – 6260840723

Email: agro@aravindam.org

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