Aravindam Agro - Asha

Aravindam Sustainable Hinterland Agriculture

The Vision

The Aravindam India vision is to empower subsistence farmers in remote

communities to produce residue free nutritious crops for local, national and

global markets, through sustainable initiatives, real time innovation and

technology support. As Aravindam Agro- Asha, we are committed to environmental conservation and preservation, as essentials of economic growth.

The Mission

The Aravindam Agro mission is to develop underprivileged remote rural

communities into economically robust societies through sustainable agriculture and appropriate resource management. Empowering rural women and farmers to leverage technology, policy, and business

principles for financial growth.


Set up practical model farms with technology inputs and adherence

to environmental conservation and sustainability. Establish efficient storage, processing and packaging systems with smart business logistics for efficient farm to market linkages. Setup training infrastructure including library,

audio visual systems, technology demonstrators for irrigation automation, sensors and drones.

Support the farmers, especially the women, at every step with technology and processes transfer. Utilise farm revenue to sustain the training and rural upliftment activities.

Collaborate with the Government, the PSUs and Corporates to replicate the

model in new districts.

Who is it for….?

The Aravindam Agro is for farmers, tribals, landless peasants, and their children.

Aravindam Agro helps them come out of poverty into a realm of abundance, knowledge and skills.

Join “Aravindam Agro”, Help us to help more.

Aravindam Agro Contact

Address: 828, Sector-15, Part II, Gurugram, Haryana – 122001.

Program coordinator – Chanchala Shukla

WhatsApp: +91 – 6260840723


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