About Kalakshetram Aravindam

Life is joy, beauty, creativity. Life is dance, music, sculpture, painting, poetry.  Regular schooling touches just the surface. Kalakshetram explores the soul.

The land of Bharat (India) is the living, breathing, feeling, caring Mother. Where Bha is Bhava (Emotion), Ra is Raga (Melody), Ta is Tala (Rhythm), that makes ‘Bharata’. The learning of the essence of Bharata for the least privileged children, at no cost, is the core of Kalakshetram Aravindam, Gurugram.

Who is it for….?

Kalakshetram Aravindam is for every child at the Aravindam Gurukuls whose heart beats for the timeless heritage performing arts of India, and yet has been deprived the learning, for want of resources.

The Kalakshetram doors will forever be open first for those with the will and without the means.






Classical Vocal


Kalakshetram Aravindam, Gurugram is the only one of its kind of inspiring spaces, in North India, that opens up the creativity of every child of Ma Bharati (Mother India) at no cost to the learner.

Kalakshetram Aravindam is for every family connected to the Aravindam Gurukuls children, including neighbours in the slums, and any people within reach, who may be in need, for want of resources.

As long as we have the resources, the doors shall stay open for all those daily wagers in the vicinity, who lost their jobs and livelihood due to the lockdowns.

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They crave to fly, show them the sky.

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