The Founders

Dr. Lokesh Abrol

‘Every challenge brings new possibilities’

Doctor, MD Medicine

Founder of Aravindam India, MCG Kamdhenudham Gaushala, Gurukul Kalpataru, SBBG Trust, Kalakshetram Aravindam, Aravindam Agro.

Initiator of INA Veterans Memorial Forest, Pachgaon.

India Travel & Heritage author for NCERT, Discover India, Incredible India, Outlook Traveler, Swagat, Srishti, Tashi Delek.

Talk show host / India Heritage contributor for Hindi Khabar TV.

Ewelina Janus

‘Empower each one to empower more; bringing dignity of labour to grassroots social enterprise.’

Masters in Management from Lancaster University, UK.

Founder of Aravindam India (2009-2018)

Abhimanyu Abrol​

‘Making ‘Social’ & ‘Entrepreneurship’ fashionable’

Class of 2015, IIT Kharagpur.

National Director at Hult Prize India (2016 To 2018).

Young Alumnus Achiever Award IIT KGP 2021

Co-Founder of Aravindam India, Aster.

India partner of studio DRA Architects, London.

Founder of Naya Living Architecture.

Aakanxit Khullar​

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’​​

Bachelor of Science in Financial Engineering, Columbia University, New York.

YouTube India Partner (Education Category) Private Equity, New York.

Sweeya Tangudu

“Motivational Speaker”

Class of 2015, Architecture, IIT Kharagpur.

Volunteer for Gurukul Kalpataru Aravindam.

Edu Cafe Design.

The Advisors

Baba Mahadev Giri

‘Mahant, Samadh Baba Bhagwan Giri, Nigdhu/Pistana, Karnal’

One of Haryana’s oldest Gurukul-Gaushala complexes. Proponent of modern education with the Gurukul System of learning. Spearheading the cause for a National Heritage University for Girls at Nigdhu/Pistana, in the land of the Geeta.

Bipin Pandit

“CEO of Domino Printech India”

The ever smiling and energetic CEO of Domino Printech India.Bipin ji along with his company, colleagues, and family, have been a bedrock of support throughout the development and growth of the Aravindam Gurukuls.

V Shankar Srinivasan

“Chartered accountant and investment Advisor”

Chartered accountant and investment advisor, for three decades Co-founder Aravindam Agro. With roots based in the Dharmic traditions. He is as enthused by the Vishnu Sahasranama Satsangam as with mentoring entrepre-neurial startups including the rapidly growing Hindi Khabar TV Channel.

Mahima Gir Mehra

“Author, Social Cause Entrepreneur”

Co-Founder Himalayan Volunteer Tourism. Chief advisor, Nomad Lawyers, Executive Director Human Rights Council of India.

Vineet KKN Panchhi

“A Visionary”

A boiling pot of highly creative ideas with pockets full of sunshine. An accomplished filmmaker,   communication expert, musician, poet, actor, adventurer and much more. He loves creat-ing motivational poetry for the Gurukul children, and these go viral amongst children of all ages, even 90 years and above, on the global social media.

Sangam Lal

“Serial Entrepreneur”

Director, Hindi Khabar TV Channel. Authority on Vedic economics. Proponent of Sangam Neeti, Debt free/Rent free/NPA free growth Co-founder Aravindam Agro.

The Flagbearer

Bindesh Bharti

“Courage Conviction Commitment Credibility”

Master’s in Education.

‘Director, Aravindam India Gurukuls’
Joined under the tutelage of Aravindam Founder Ewelina Janus for what became a commitment for life.

Mother to Aravindam children. Sister to her coworkers. A loving daughter to her seniors.

She brings the Gurukul to life each day, with her boundless energy and unfaltering humility.

Project Directors

Pradyumn Bhargava

Project Director
“Kalakshetram Aravindam”
A renowned proponent of the Kathak dance form and Choreographer. Disciple of renowned Guru Shri Rajendra Gangani ji. Performances at Indian cultural exchange program with Vietnam ,open India festival Moscow Saint Petersburg Russia, Japanese Chinese and Indian international cultural art exchange world festivals, Cosmo peace project, Shanghai China, Bahrain etc. Performs at Taj mahotsav Agra choreographed by Guru Birju Maharaj ji, Ananya festival, Akhil Bharatiya Kalidas samaroh Ujjain MP choreographed by Guru Saswati Sen ji, Soorya festival Thiruvananthapuram choreographed by Guru Shri Rajendra Gangani ji, Guru Purnima mahotsav Triveni auditorium.

Vaishnavi Sushila Vitthal

Co-Project Director
“Kalakshetram Aravindam”

Vaishnavi started training in Bharatnatyam at a young age of 6 under Guru Dr. Swati Daithankar in Pune and is now being trained on an advanced level under the tutelage of Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan. Vaishnavi is a Nationalist Awarded Marathi film actress.

Mehnoor Suri

Project Director
“Wow India Aravindam”

Alumnus of Welham Girls School Dehradun. Student of Philosophy Hons. at Hindu College, University of Delhi. On the college basketball and debate teams.
Leading the ‘Wow India Aravindam’ project aimed at building wholesome personalities through travel based learning and performance opportunities for the least privileged children.

Ayush Gupta

Project Director
“Arogyam Aravindam”

Class of 2018, IIT Kharagpur
Associate, Vivtera (2021 – Present)
Ex-Management Consultant

Leading the planning, funding, implementation of  Aravindam healthcare program.

Chanchala Shukla

Project Director
“Aravindam Agro”

Senior Agronomist, consultant and advanced farming processes trainer. Leading the Agriculture and rural economic based sustainability model for Aravindam India Gurukuls.

The Gurus

Uma Sharma

“Nationally Awarded and Teacher Trainer”

Content and curriculum design with Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), NCERT and CBSE. Associated with Gurukul Kalpataru Aravindam since inception, leading Academic De-velopment and Implementation. A definitive authority on Indian culture, arts and history, she enjoys associating with learning minds.

Sunayana Roy Chaudhury

“Volunteer and Trainer”

Sunayana Roy Chaudhury is a multitalented consultant in education and nutrition, having worked at Jadavpur University Kolkata and IHM Mumbai and has trained preschool teachers in India and Bhutan. Passionate about volunteering, she has worked with charities in Mexico and Australia and has been associated with the Aravindam Gurukuls for over a decade. The Gurukul has especially been an exciting experience through the dance, martial arts, academics and even festive celebrations. She has been a witness and participant in the children blossoming into confident members of the society.

Shailendra Chouhan

“Tabla and Tribal Drums”

Guru of Indian percussion (Tabla and Tribal Drums), Shailendra Chauhan is a humble yet proud proponent of the Guru-Shishya parampara and deeply connected to the Indian heritage Gurukul system at Aravindamindia.

Vandana Bhargava

“Kathak Performer and Volunteer”

Kathak diploma from Prayagraj, Graduation from Kheragarh, Kala Ratna degree from Raja Mansingh University Gwalior 5 years as Kathak faculty in Kendriya Vidyalaya and DAV schools. Choreographs the prestigious IIFCO troupe.

Vinod Gangani

“Hindustani Classical Vocal”

Direct descendant of Jaipur Gharana.

Ashish Kumar


                  Shishya of Guru Shri Murugan Ji.                                  NC Nithya Chaithanya Kalari, Delhi.


“Carnatic Bhajan Trainers”

Rajalakshmi joined us as a volunteer Carnatic vocal music trainer at just 15 years of age. She joined the Gurukul as Kathak learner. She took it upon herself to introduce the Aravindam kids to Carnatic Bhajan singing.


“Carnatic Bhajan Trainers”

Srinarayani, is amongst our youngest volunteers. She joined the Gurukul as a learner and a trainer at just 13 years of age, along with her elder sister Rajalakshmi. Together they brought Carnatic singing to the Gurukul children who look forward to sing along with the Ratan sisters each Sunday.

Maadhav Sood

“Goan Drums Trainer”

One of our youngest trainers at age 14 yrs. Learning to play Drums since the age of 5yrs. Has set his sights on Berklee College of Music, USA. He not only takes time out each weekend to train the least privileged at the Gurukul Kalpataru Aravindam, but also raises funds to provide them the best in equipment and books.

Kanya Sewa Volunteers

Rishabh Sharma

Founder – OneStepForward

One of the youngest social activists at age 17, Rishabh stepped up to the challenge of raising funds to keep the Aravindam kids bellies full.

He has gone a step further to empower more than 200 children with 10,000 meals over the year, and crucial financial support for the alternate skills development program of Aravindam India Gurukuls.

Palak Gupta

Senior Volunteer, English

Palak Gupta along with her husband Nikhil Gupta raised funds for the Gurukul Kanya Feeding program (Annapoorna Aravindam) and supported construction of infrastructure at new Gurukul location.

Sourabh Ganeriwala


Ashok Kumar Yadav


Rishab Sharma


Amitabh Gupta


Anupama Batra


Dr Harish Batra


Arshad Shah


Mohit Malik






Senior Faculty

Col Bhalla

Social Science Volunteer

Engineer from Bombay university. Served the Indian army for 28 years and the corporate sector for 11. Teaching English, Science, Sanskar to children at the Gurukul.

Vertika Sharma

Science Volunteer

An architect by training and a home maker by choice. Gurukul has given her the opportunity to share her knowledge and the priceless experiences that life teaches. She says, ‘The immense re-spect and love that she and everyone receives at the Gurukul has built bonds that give reason strong enough to motivate me each time I step out to be with these loving children.’

Deepak Mehndiratta

Mathmatics Volunteer

Retired in 2012 as Chief marketing manager, State Trading Corporation of India under the Ministry of Commerce after putting in 38 years of service. Worked in departments of import, export and administration. Destiny brought him to Gurgaon in 2014 and since then the Gurukul is his Karma and his family.

Ravi Saini

“Computer Expert”

The computer expert, well versed in the use of several softwares essential for entrepreneurial development of individuals. He resigned his corporate job in a MNC to devote himself full time to the Aravindam Gurukuls.

Budding Faculty

Sonam Bharti

Praveen Dixit


“Computer Trainer”


Mithlesh Kumar



Kailash Pandey

Shikha Prasad



They crave to fly, show them the sky.

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