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Workers in the informal sector (domestic workers, rickshaw pullers, etc) catch diseases due to lack of nutrition and basic hygiene practices. Moreover, limited awareness of preventive care further exacerbates their illness.
Arogyam Aravindam is a healthcare initiative by Aravindam India with a vision to impact 10,000 people by eliminating current health issues and enabling them to live healthy lives in the long term.
To solve this problem, we surveyed a community of ~1,200 people near Palam Vihar, Gurugram. Below is a summary of the challenges and solutions: .

Medical Challenges

1. 64% of people were found to be unhealthy, having least one symptom of illness.

2. We identified the commonly occurring symptoms.

> Following diseases contribute ~70% of ailments:            Near-sightedness and Far-sightedness (34%), Anemia/ Protein Deficiency (18%), Arthritis (11%), Hypertension(4%), Diabetes (5%).


Our team of experienced doctors will diagnose diseases and provide primary healthcare services for low-medium severity issues.
  • Few examples:
  1. Detecting and treating Anemia, deficiency and other diseases
  2. Providing vision glasses for near-sightedness/ far-sightedness
  3. Educating people to address lifestyle health diseases

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Arogyam Aravindam Contact


828, Sector-15, Part II, Gurugram, Haryana – 122001.

Contact Person – Ayush Gupta

Director Healthcare
Phone No – +91 99 33 916977
Email – ayushgupta.iitkgp@gmail.com

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