Sponsors and Partners

Aravindam India has been growing thanks to committed donors, volunteers, partners and supporters. A firm foundation of goodwill has developed in the villages, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram and the local communities where we work.

We express our thanks and gratitude to all.

Our flagship center is situated within the MCG Waterworks in Block C1 Palam Vihar, Gurugram. Aravindam India plans, operates, promotes and manages the India Heritage Learning Program enshrined in the original Gurukulam system of education. The then MCG Commissioner Shri Rajesh Khullar, very enthusiastically supported and promoted the vision of Aravindam India in developing the Gurukul as a beacon for reinvigorating the grand ancient cultures of Motherland India, while providing a massive opportunity of growth for the Underprivileged girls and children living in the slums around the Palam Vihar, Gurugram.

The successive MCG Commissioners and Officials have continued this tradition of support by providing all assistance in every way possible. The Gurukul Kalpataru Aravindam has become a center of pride for the MCG and a showcase project for civic agencies and governments across the country to follow and replicate.

Domino Printech India Private Limited has earned the reputation as one of the biggest coding solutions manufacturers and suppliers in India. Domino India manufactures and sells products for date coding, serialisation, product marking and variable printing onto products used in everyday life of people. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Domino Printech India Private Limited operates from many urban locations in India. Through its network of offices and distribution channels, the company caters to a large client base across several industry verticals.

Domino contributed to infrastructural development of the Gurukul Kalpataru building in Pachgaon, bringing hope among village girls who have minimal or no opportunity to continue their education after XIIth grade. Special thanks to Domino Printech India Pvt Ltd for Continuing to make education possible at the Gurukul centers in Pachgaon and Palam Vihar, Gurugram.

World’s largest student competition and social business accelerator, the Hult Prize was named one of the top five ideas changing the world, by President Bill Clinton and TIME. Startups are built through a pioneering innovation model of crowd sourcing ideas to broadcasted challenges in the social impact sector.

Aravindam India has been the official partner of the UN supported and Clinton Promoted Hult Prize Foundation for the spread of Social Entrepreneurship training, certification and competition amongst students in Indian Universities. From 2016 to 2018 Aravindam India enhanced the campus Penetration of Hult Prize in India From six campuses to over one hundred.

Konasth Travels started in 2004 with 10 cars, the organisation has grown to a fleet of 500 at present. Serving the employee transportation needs of several multinationals in Delhi-NCR and Chandigarh. Amongst the clients are Dell, Wipro, HSBC, IBM and Vistara Airlines.

Its cars carry the children of Aravindam on their educational and recreational visits.

The OneStepForward (“OSF”), founded by Rishabh Sharma, a social activist by heart. OSF is a social financing non-for-profit initiative, with a mission to support the underprivileged section of society by raising funds for education, mid-day meals, skill development programs, and other social causes that impact their quality of life. OSF started as an initiative to support the disadvantaged communities. OSF not only support education, but other factors that can be barriers to learning.

OSF initiatives have supported nutritious mid-day meal and education opportunities & skill development for the disadvantaged. This initiative is voluntary and aims to enable community participation for community development.


The trust manages the SBBG Ashram and its properties which include two Ashrams and 40 acres of agricultural land. Another 700 acres belonging to the ashram is under encroachment and litigation. The Trust is committed to girls education and development works in villages Nigdhu and Pastana in District Karnal, where the Ashrams are located. These villages are populated by very poor people of the lower castes of Indian society. The trust has carried out health camps, cataract surgery camps, and distribution of blankets for the poor people since 2011.

SOIL is a business school that provides holistic education that builds inspired leaders by enabling people to know who they are, recognize their purpose and realize their full potential, to build organizations of consequence.

SOIL is co-created by a group of leading companies from across Industry verticals that believe in SOIL and its value proposition, who contribute to curriculum design, student selection, research, student mentoring and placements.

With the help of inspired SOIL volunteers Aravindam can achieve more.

NIIT Foundation (NF) is a not-for-profit education society set up by the promoters of NIIT in 2004. NIIT Foundation has a mandate to reach the unreached, uncared and unattended to ensure inclusive development in India.

To shape the mandate, NIIT Foundation has begun a number of programs that would positively impact the underserved of the country through various educational interventions. The intent of NF is to better understand the education and employability issues at the grassroots level and build sustainable training intervention models.

NIIT Foundation makes critical interventions towards upgrading the skill base and employability of marginalized youth – in urban slums and rural areas.

Thanks to our association with the NIIT Foundation, Aravindam’s students can acquire recognized certifications and increase their chances in the job market.

The High School of Maria Skłodowska-Curie in Sucha Beskidzka, Poland, has approximately 50 teachers and 600 students. The School’s motto is: “To Bring Up a Wise and Good Man”. This motto is put into practice by valuing every individual student and achieving teaching excellence. The School is proud of its students, some of whom are winners of regional and national competitions for both sporting and academic endeavours.

The High school is currently involved in student exchange programmes with schools in France, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Ukraine, and has international teacher exchange programmes with partners in Malta, Spain and Portugal. It continually strives to form new exchange partnerships with new countries.

The High School is also a Partner school with Aravindam Foundation whose students take part in Intercultural Online Dialogs; these monthly meetings make it easier to get to know our partner’s culture and traditions.


The existing education programs have become possible by donations from friends and family. We are sure, with support from such loving people the education initiatives will bloom and flourish.

All of the donors and supporters have been steadfast in their commitment and we hope to continue our work with their help and support.

More of our esteemed supporters who keep encouraging us by regular visits, invitations, and in kind contributions.

They crave to fly, show them the sky.

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors and Partners

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