About Wow India Aravindam

The Wisdom of a traveller expands like a drop of oil on water.

So, say the Vedas,  the oldest literature of mankind.

The Vision

To Show the world, to the children deprived by destiny.

Children who yearn, with fire in their bellies, but little resources.

The Mission

The mission of Wow India Aravindam is to expand the horizons, for as many of our young ‘Ignited Minds’ as we can. Let’s give wings to fly, for every child who dreams of the sky. Let’s enable wide horizons, to grow into responsible entrepreneurs, who in turn, develop opportunities, for many more children born in financial deprivation.

The Plan

Annual motivational, inspirational Cultural exchange program, where the best of Aravindam heritage learners travel to a place of diverse culture, to meet, to teach, to learn, to experience, and to grow into worthy global citizens, initiating online learning of mutually complimentary skills.

Who is it for….?

Wow India Aravindam is for every child at the Aravindam Gurukuls whose heart beats for the timeless heritage performing arts of India, and yet has been deprived the learning, for want of resources.

The Aravindam India doors will forever be open first for those with the will and without the means. We stand together for the children of Adivasi Tribals, the underprivileged daughters and the urban slum dweller’s kids.

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How Did It Start

Wow India Aravindam is for every family connected to the Aravindam Gurukuls children, including neighbours in the slums, and any people within reach, who may be in need, for want of resources.


Join “Wow India Aravindam”, Help us to help more.

Wow India Aravindam Contact

Address: Panchayat Dharamshala, Near Sarpanch House,             

on Amity University Connecting Road, Village Pachgaon,

Manesar, Haryana – 122105.

Program coordinator Bindesh Bharti

WhatsApp: +91 – 9971674073

Email: info@aravindam.org

They crave to fly, show them the sky.

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